Whats is Plants vs Zombie Adventure?

The zombies are coming once again in this much anticipated sequel to the smash hit Plants vs. Zombies. This time, however, you’re in charge of guarding the entire neighborhood against the relentless brain eating fiends. Help Crazy Dave, Matilda, and some new found friends defend the block, and take road trips in order to complete missions. Of course, don’t forget your trusty plants and let yourself enjoy this part-simulation, part-adventure game that is guaranteed to be all fun.
Plants vs. Zombies Adventures further expands the mechanics behind the original game by adding building simulation into the gameplay. This means that, instead of going through several stages of zombie waves with unlimited number of plants that you must purchase using suns, players must actually manage resources and grow the plants before they can be put to use. There are also buildings that can generate coins, which can be used to purchase seeds for planting. Using these plants, you must defend the neighborhood as well as go on quests on the road in order to complete missions given to you by neighbors.
There are three types of currencies within Plants and Zombies Adventures. The first one is coins, which are earned usually by collecting from buildings. These are used for purchasing seeds that will be planted on pots, which will in turn bloom into plants that you can put to use against zombies. Zombucks, on the other hand are used to construct buildings and decorations for the neighborhood. Both coins and Zombucks are received when completing quests, leveling up, or winning battles against zombies during Road Trip Missions.
Gems, on the other hand, are used to speed up tasks as well as for buying premium items in the store such as additional planter pots. Gems will also come in handy as they can be used to instantly buy plants and other items once you run short of certain resources. Zombucks can be acquired via in-app purchases. Extra coins and Zombucks may also be acquired in this way.
Leveling Up
Actions such as collecting plants or from buildings, as well as finishing quests and Road Trip missions will earn you experience that you can use to level up. Leveling up will provide you with rewards such as Zombucks and coins. This will also unlock some content within the game, so make it a point to level up as much as you can in the soonest possible time. You can also get some experience by clearing debris such as bushes, rocks, and messes left by zombies.
Plants are your first line of defense when it comes to fighting zombies. Plants must be grown in pots, which would require you to both spend coins as well as wait a certain period before they can be harvested. Plants can be placed around your neighborhood against zombie attacks, and you can also take them to the road for missions.
Many plants from the original game make their return in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, although some new plants have also been introduced. Plants are used for offensive, defensive, as well as support purposes, so knowing which ones to plant and bring along with you is essential, especially during the latter where they come in limited supply. If players run out of a specific plant during battle, then they may opt to buy additional ones using gems.
Of course, Zombies make their return in the game as well. Different zombies have different abilities, so it would be wise to familiarize oneself with everyone so that you will know what to bring to the fight. With this, you can also use sprays that are provided to you during the initial stages of the game so that you can increase the abilities of your plants, such as get a wider range for a limited time, as well as temporarily freeze an enemy in its tracks. You may also use lawnmowers that can mow down an entire line of enemies, and these can be collected from the Plantagon so that you can better defend your base.
Not only will Zombies attack you during Road Trips, but they will also attack your neighborhood from time to time. You will be warned shortly before they arrive, so you should reinforce your defenses within the neighborhood before they come and try to eat your brains. Failure to do so will require you to spend some currencies to make the necessary repairs.
Buildings can be constructed around the neighborhood, and they will provide you with resources such as coins and lawnmowers which you can use to better defend against the hungry ghouls. Generation of resources will take some time, and buildings that generate coins will have a maximum capacity, so you would have to collect them once they reach the cap before they produce more. Buildings can also be upgraded once certain requirements have been met, and if you have the necessary resources available.
If you are running out of space or would need some coins fast, you can also opt to sell your buildings and other d├ęcor, or put them in the inventory for future use.
You can expand to the nearby neighborhoods by meeting requirement as well as spending some coins. This will introduce you to new characters as well as give you new seeds to plant. Make it a point to save up once expansion is ready so that you can unlock further content from the game.
Road Trips
Road Trips play out in similar fashion to the usual gameplay of Plants vs. Zombies, albeit with a few changes. In Road Trip, you can only bring a limited capacity of a specific plant, and placing additional plants within the area will require Gems. In addition, plants that have been attacked can be revived by spending sun which appears randomly and can also be collected from sun plants.
Finishing Road Trip missions are integral to the gameplay of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, as this will unlock new plants and other items for use. There are also achievements that you can try to reach for which would provide you with bonus rewards. However, make sure that you have a healthy amount of plants brought with you, and you must return to the town for planting and harvesting should you run out.
Quests will require you to do things around town or on the road, and these are used to further the story within the game. Completing quests will provide you with bonus resources as well as a healthy chunk of experience, so prioritize the completion of these tasks above all else in order to unlock additional content as soon as possible.
Social Function
Plants vs. Zombies Adventures also has a social function where you an invite Facebook friends to play with you. Through this, you can send them gifts such as plants. Also, you can visit their town and unleash you own zombie horde on their neighborhood by spending Zombucks. Should you win, you will be rewarded with coins and other items. You can only do these a specific number of times for each neighbor per day, so make sure that you maximize these and invite as many friends as possible in order to get more rewards.

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